Veille documentaire sur le Covid-19 au Proche-Orient


Bibliographie sur le Covid-19 au Proche-Orient (Groupe Zotero de l’Ifpo)

Arts et cultures

Série Care Package de la fondation MMAG (Mohammad and Mahera Abu Ghazaleh Foudation)

Visites virtuelles des musées et sites archéologiques du Liban (Unesco)

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Dossier COVID-19: Impact on MENA Countries / ملف تأثير كوفيد-19 في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا (Arab Reform Initiative)

– L’observatoire Démographique de la Méditerranée (Demomed), avec l’aide de la Plateforme Universitaire de Données d’Aix-Marseille, ont mis en place une page recensant les liens vers les sites officiels des pays méditerranéens qui présentent les données sur le CoVid-19 :

– The Asfari Institute (American University of Beirut) : Citizens’ Initiatives Tracker under  Coronavirus  Threat


CoronaVirus Epidemic Lexicon (Arabic-English)

Appels à contribution

– Appel à témoignage : Coronavirus, confinement et genre dans le monde arabe :

– Articles for Book on « The Effects of Pandemics on Religious History » (Focus Islamic and Jewish History) Edited by Global Center for Religious Research

« We welcome both industry leaders and scholars from any discipline related to religious studies, the natural or social sciences, theology, and history. Proposals may include any topic related to the impact of pandemics, diseases, or pestilence. »

Deadline for abstracts: 1 July 2020. Information:

– Research Project on « Post-Corona: Transformative Landscapes and Shifting Priorities (Focus on MENA) », Cordoba Foundation and Egyptian Institute for Studies

This call for papers invites contributors from scholars, researchers, policymakers and practitioners from a range of disciplinary perspectives. All papers will be published after peer review and an international conference is planned on « The Corona Pandemic: changes and transformations in geopolitics and strategic developments impacting the MENA ».

Deadline for abstracts: 5 June 2020. Information:

– Country Studies from the MENA Region on “Global Perspectives on Family and COVID-19“ for Special Issue of “Journal of Comparative Family Studies“ (University of Toronto Press)

The articles should focus on the changes and effects of COVID-19: Economic well-being; work/income; Education and schooling; Family interaction, social distancing, and isolation; Mental health and anxiety; Communication in community; Ethnic, cultural, and social class variations.

Deadline for manuscripts: 1 June 2020. Information:

– « La pandémie du Covid-19 au centre des désastres du quotidien : des femmes de la Méditerranée à la mer d’Arabie s’expriment » – LIMITE: 25/05/2020

– Call for participation: Rethinking Social transformations: Inequalities in the Arab region in light of Covid-19 (UNESCO, AFA and AUB’s Department for Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies, dead line : no later than 30 April 2020)

–  Articles on “Islamic Ethics of Pandemics and Covid-19” for Special Issue of “Journal of Islamic Ethics (JIE)” (Brill)

 The articles will be dedicated to the moral questions triggered by the novel coronavirus pandemic and how they can be addressed within the broad context of ethics of pandemics throughout history. The chapters will address Islamic Ethics as an interdisciplinary field where a wide range of scholarly disciplines will be engaged, including Islamic theology, philosophy, jurisprudence (fiqh & uṣūl), Sufism, adab.

Deadline for papers: 31 July 2020. Information:; Contact :

Presse spécialisée

Middle East Eye : « Coronavirus : suivez l’actualité dans la région MENA »

What Is Missing in Lebanon’s COVID-19 Exit Strategy? by Fatima Al-Sayah (PhD, Public Health Researcher, University of Alberta, Canada),  LCPS. The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, June 2020.


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Lebanon National Operations RoomDaily Report on COVID-19 :  à retrouver (en arabe et en anglais) quotidiennement sur le site du Disaster Risk Management Project at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers