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Book launch : Stateless in the Gulf. Mirgation, Nationality and Society in Kuwaït (16/07/2018)

Dr Claire Beaugrand will be presenting her new book on the 16th of July at The Educational Bookshop Stateless in the Gulf : Migration, Nationality and Society in Kuwait. Library of Modern Middle East Studies ; 143. London: I.B. Tauris, 2018. Abstract The Kuwaiti population includes around 100,000 people – approximately 10 per cent of the Kuwaiti nationals –whose legal status is contested. Often considered ‘stateless’, they have...

The biduns in Kuwait: On the Margins of Nationality and Society (Amman, 03/04/17)

البدون في الكويت : على هامش الجنسية والمجتمع A public lecture by Dr Claire Beaugrand (Political Scientist, Ifpo) Abstract Since the early days of independent Kuwait, the conflict about entitlement to nationality opposing the state to part of its population – the biduns (literally the “without”nationality) – has found no solution. Documenting the conditions that rendered possible the emergence and persistence of this undefined category of biduns, the...