Intensive Courses

Summer and Autumn Intensive Arabic Programs (July or September 2021)

The intensive Arabic programmes are organised by the Department of Arabic, Medieval and Modern Studies (Département des Études Arabes, Médiévales et Modernes / DEAMM de l’Institut Français du Proche-Orient) at Ifpo, under the responsibility of Pauline Koetschet (Director of DEAMM) and Abdul-Hammeed al-Kayyali (pedagogical coordinator). They are aimed at people who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Arabic language and culture on a personal or professional level (students, defense staff, journalists, NGOs, etc.). Each year, the intensive Arabic language courses at Ifpo welcome students from all over the world.

Ifpo organizes two intensive sessions (July / September ): on site and online.

The courses are given in Arabic by Lebanese, Jordanian and Syrian teachers who are native speakers and have a solid experience of teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

Students are placed according to their level in small groups (6 to 10 persons) and receive 14 hours of classes per week for 4 weeks. This offer includes 4 hours of individual classes a week, and 10 hours of collective classes.  Before the beginning of the session, the students who have been accepted pass an oral exam in MSA and  dialect.

Following the oral placement tests, the students are divided into three levels, each corresponding to one of the following three profiles:

  • Profile 1 = advanced: between 400 and 600 hours of Arabic (MSA) at least (from 3 years of Arabic)
  • Profile 2 = intermediate: between 250 and 400 hours of Arabic (MSA) (+/- 2 years of Arabic)
  • Profile 3 = post beginner: between 150 and 250 hours of Arabic (+/- 1 year of Arabic/MSA)