Ifpo Arabic Language Programmes

Stage de langue arabe, session d’été, juillet 2014, Beyrouth

Ifpo Arabic Language Programmes


40 years of experience in Arabic language teaching


General overview

Ifpo’s department of Medieval and Modern Arabic Studies in both Beirut and Amman organizes two Arabic language courses each year : one yearly course, taking place in October till  June  (432 hours) with a focus on research and three intensive one month courses (100 hours/each) in July (Beirut and Amman) and September (Beirut).

Yearly Arabic Program

This program takes place at both Beirut and Amman and it is an excellent opportunity to improve both Arabic (MSA) and dialect. Divided into small groups of levels (14 persons maximum), the trainees follow 16 hours per week : 12 hours of group lessons to which are added 4h of private lessons.

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Summer and Autumn Intensive Arabic Programs (July or September 2018)

In Beirut, these courses are offered in July and September, in Amman, it is only proposed in July. Intensive courses allow trainees to take fuṣḥā Arabic (MSA) and Levantine or Jordanian courses in small groups of levels (from 10 to 12 persons), the trainees take 25 hours of group lessons per week.

Promotion stage de langue arabe de l'Ifpo, session annuelle 2016-2017, Beyrouth