Ifpo Arabic Language Programmes

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40 years of experience in Arabic language teaching


General overview

Ifpo’s department of Medieval and Modern Arabic Studies in both Beirut and Amman organizes two Arabic language courses each year: one yearly course, lasting from October to June with a focus on research and a one month long intensive course (100 hours) held in July and September.


Yearly Arabic Programme

This programme takes place at both Beirut and Amman and it is an excellent opportunity to improve your Arabic. It is split into small groups based on your level (12 people maximum) and each week the students will have 11 or 12 hours of group classes and 4 hours of individual tutorials on topics chosen by the student. 

Yearly Arabic Programme


Summer Intensive Arabic Programme (July or September 2016)

This course is available in July and September in Beirut but only in July for Amman. This intensive course allows students to study fuṣḥā Arabic (MSA) and the Levantine (or Jordanian) dialect in small groups based on their level. The course has an upper limit of 40 people in Beirut and 30 in Amman. 


Stagiaires de langue arabe de l'Ifpo, session annuelle 2014-2015, Beyrouth