Contemporary studies

Head of Department: Myriam Catusse

Scientific programs and activities undertaken within the Department of Contemporary Studies are notable in their aim at combining cutting edge research in Human and social sciences, integrating a training approach orientated towards the study of political and social questions of the region.

Four peer-associated and interdisciplinary centers of research organize the work undertaken at the Department of contemporary studies; although researchers are in constant movement, a stability is assured by not only a balanced system of recruitment, but also a high standard of peer-reviewed consideration for all hypothesis and research results. These four centers of research are as follows: Political recompositions; Movements in the Worlds of Labour; Environments, spaces and societies; Practices, norms, and representations. These are integrated under a constant if not common research motive, in tandem with the other scientific departments of the Ifpo: the analysis of social science production in contexts of political violence.
Below is an overview of the department's current research programs, revolving around these same research axis: 


In addition to the permanent team, the Department of Contemporary Studies counts amongst its members masters students, as well as doctorates and researchers of the Near-East and Europe. These are often beneficiaries of short-term financing to further aid in their field-work.

Editorial Policy

The department's publication policy is as follows:

1) Within IFPO's press unit, monographs, collected work or on-going research may be edited within Cahiers de l'Ifpo's collection, CP, co-edited or edited within Ifpo's blog/research diary.

Hence, 2014 saw the publication of several works:

- Edited by T. Boissière and J.-C. David, Alep et ses territoires. Fabrique et politique d’une ville (1868-2011), Beyrouth-Damas, Presses de l’Ifpo, 2014.

- Edited by Longuenesse É. et Roussel C. (dir.), Développer en Syrie. Retour sur une expérience historique, Beyrouth, Presses de l’Ifpo, 2014.

- Edited by Pieri C., Marefat M., Ragot G., 2014, Le Gymnase Le Corbusier à Bagdad, Éditions du Patrimoine, Paris, mars 2014. Édition arabe aux Presses de l’Ifpo, juin 2014.

- Edited by M., Pagès-El Karoui D. et Verdeil C. (dir.), Les ondes de choc des révolutions arabes, Beyrouth, Presses de l’Ifpo. (en savoir plus sur l’ouvrage)

The Carnets de l’Ifpo serves as an editorial support platform within the DCS by highlighting core research currently being under-taken. Supported by the online platform, it can be accessed as follows:

2) Concerned with encouraging research into fundamental knowledge beyond regional considerations, the DCS also aids and continues to encourage its researchers in their efforts for publication, notably in disciplinary reference periodicals; it aids in the internationalization of their academic profile by providing translation in English as well as Arabic.

3) One of the major concerns of the DCS remains the promotion of social science work in the Arabic language, either through direct publication or translation.

All recent DCS publications are presented in ordered detail (presentation, summaries, online reports…).